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Summary of mass mortality event of Great Skuas on Foula in summer 2022 due to avian influenza.
"a decline in the order of magnitude of 60–70% in occupied territories is more likely"

I asked #chatgpt what are the 7 biggest challenges and research opportunities for nature conservation the next decade. Two times three seconds later:

This is lovely stuff from @guardianeco. A nice simple explainer of how #geomorphology underpins the functioning of #rivers, and how restoring them benefits people and wildlife.

Why rivers shouldn't look like this – video https://www.theguardian.com/environment/video/2023/jan/26/why-rivers-shouldnt-look-like-this-video?CMP=share_btn_tw

Crippling losses of hunted #TurtleDove in Spain suggest official government statistics underestimate true hunting mortality by approximately 90,000 birds each year

NEW PAPER by @lara_turtur et al in @ELSenviron #STOTEN https://bit.ly/3kDaV5V | #Ornithology @Gerard_Bota

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