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Most Kittiwake colonies can be found on sheer cliffs but man-made structures such as bridges and buildings are also used. Colony size can vary from less than ten pairs to tens of thousands! Worryingly, the long-term population trend for Kittiwake shows a 65% decline (1986-2018).

Fascinating to watch #migration of the #threatened Nordmann's Greenshanks from their breeding grounds that hug coasts of Russia, Korea & China
Clearly demonstrates importance of #intertidal coastal #wetlands conservation of this & many other #EAAF species. @EAAFP @IUCNRedList https://twitter.com/TringaShank/status/1556764638921928704

Philipp Maleko @TringaShank

Movement of 5 Nordmann's Greenshank from Schaste Bay breeding grounds to Jiangsu stopover grounds in July 2021 recorded by 3.5 g Nano GPS devices developed by Druid Tech @ArcticWCS @GlobalFlyway

Don’t dilute the term Nature Positive https://www.nature.com/articles/s41559-022-01845-5

Nature Positive is being used by businesses, governments and NGOs, but its meaning risks being diluted from measurable net biodiversity gain towards merely any action that benefits nature, argues @EJMilnerGulland

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