Photographer Neel Sureja. Photo by Michael Rodgers, Handa Isaland, Scotland.

About Neel

Neel Sureja is A Zoologist and Wildlife photographer from India. He is pursuing Masters in Applied Wildlife conservation at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus.
The sole purpose behind this passion is to tell an unheard story that nature has to reveal and to use it for research purposes. To make the world more sustainable and lively for every organism living on this planet. I have an idea that a photograph should tell a story, Be it is the state of nature, its conservation, or the subject’s behaviour. Photography skills help me to put forward my thoughts and feelings toward the world. It is a way to showcase his passion for fauna and still be able to communicate his concerns about nature to the audience. It’s a tool that enables his voice my perturbations about how we are losing our precious ecosystem. We need to restrain ourselves from doing irreversible damage to the planet that we call our home.
Currently, he is volunteering with RSPB as a Wildlife photographer.